P8H8 attacks hindered

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The sustained hacking attempts on various sites connected with Bohemia Interactive seem to have come to an end, according to an official statement by the company's electronic security expert, Jan Nohatý. The statement was received by the AAN editorial board at 11:00 GMT today. It states that the recent hacking attempts supposedly by Iranian hacker group Persian Black Hats Boys or P8H8 have ended. P8H8 security breaches were stopped mainly because their hidden collaborator inside the company itself was revealed. This person was an employee of Bohemia, working in the electronic security department. Although developers did not want to reveal their name an inside source from the company told us it was the junior security officer, Miss Kočka Hlaváčová.

Exposing this agent led to a termination of P8H8 actions against Bohemia Interactive. This agent had reportedly given P8H8 information that allowed them to plan the attacks, Nohatý adds. A fact that no website connected with Bohemia Interactive was attacked in recent days probably shows this to be true. We have also received information confirming what the Bohemia Interactive community, very concerned about these attacks, suspected: the attacks are in connection with an upcoming announcement of a kind on Thursday 15:30, 19 May, 2011 CEST.

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